Vacation and Other No-Lesson Weeks 2017- 2018

There will be NO REGULAR LESSONS during the following weeks.

Nov. 20-24 (Thanksgiving week)

Dec. 13-15 (Wed.-Fri. - Exam days)

Dec. 18-29 (Winter Holiday-- 2 wks)

Jan 1 & 2    (Mon. & Tues.-- no school)
Mar. 12-16 (Spring Break)



Please note: Lessons end May 18th. This is two weeks before the end of school.


Each student is guaranteed a total of 30 lessons during the 38-week period from

August 28 - May 18.


There are 5 scheduled weeks with no lessons (see above).This leaves 3 additional weeks  to be used in the event of student and/or teacher illness or schedule conflct. If a student has to miss more than 3 lessons during the 38-week period, a make-up lesson(s) will be offered at a mutually agreed upon time. Should a student reach the 30 lesson guarantee before the end of the 38-week period (this does not happen often), subsequent lessons will be charged on a per lesson basis.